In 1929, an idea was formed and initiated to gather together a group of legal secretaries in order to learn what was required in the preparation and filing of legal documents. By 1924, this idea blossomed and spread throughout the State of California and; in 1940, Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (also known as LSI) was formed as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. In the new millennium, LSI continues to grow by serving legal secretaries as well as law office and court support staff with a variety of programs and services through its local associations.

Desert Palm Legal Secretaries Association began as a chartered member of LSI in 1961. Over time, legal secretaries expanded their duties and responsibilities in the law office. Many California legal secretaries took advantage of further education and certifications such as Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) and the current California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS) available through LSI. The law office typically includes secretaries, paralegals, file clerks and receptionists that all do their part for the support and success of the attorneys and firm. So it was not surprising that at some point, members of DPLPA elected to change its name to Desert Palm Legal Professionals Association in an effort to include all law office professionals.

Desert Palm Legal Professionals Association is the Coachella Valley’s local association of LSI providing educational, professional, and personal development information to legal support staff including legal secretaries, paralegals, law office administrators, court clerks and support staff. DPLPA holds bi-monthly dinner meetings and encourages member attendance at four LSI Conferences per year to help expand personal knowledge, professional development and skills through a multitude of educational opportunities offered



Members of LSI and DPLPA adhere to the LSI Code of Ethics which is dedicated to a LSI Past President, Joan M. Moore, PLS, CCLS and reads as follows:

It shall be the duty of each member of Legal Secretaries, Incorporated to observe all laws, rules and regulations now or hereafter in effect relating to confidentiality and privileged communication, acting with loyalty, integrity, competence and diplomacy in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct.

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