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Desert Palm Legal Professionals Association

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Would you like to learn more about what is going on in the local Coachella Valley legal community, get information about tools to make your job easier, attend workshops and networking events, and see what jobs are available in the Coachella Valley?  Well, we have you covered.  Visit our Newsletter page to read all about it.

Calendar of Events

We meet regularly to expand our knowledge of various areas of law or specific procedures and to network and enjoy each other's company.  We also participate in quarterly and annual conferences with our parent organization, Legal Professionals Incorporated.  Get a detailed list of events and easily register to attend.

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Membership with the Desert Palm Legal Professionals Association is open to anyone who works in the legal field.  We welcome everyone who joins to participate and become a part of our extended legal community family.  The benefits of being a member are extensive and include state level benefits offered through Legal Professionals Incorporated.


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