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Committee work is the lifeblood of any successful organization.  All the work that is done to elevate our club is done in committee to expand membership, create educational opportunities, advertise, fundraise (and so much more) is done through the teamwork of our committees.   Volunteers can expect to spend two or three hours per month in their efforts doing committee work.

All members are encouraged to participate on a committee and are appreciated and supported by the Board for their efforts.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please click on the name of the listed chairperson to send an email.  If you are interested in serving as a committee chair, please send us an email. We are just a click away.   


LPI MEMBERS.  The Committee conducts financial reviews to audit and report the results of said review to the Board. The Board presents the results of the Audit to the Membership.

DONNA SANCHEZ.  This committee shall encourage good public relations among DPLPA and other professional associations. The committee also organizes membership nomination rules and forms for entries in the annual Boss of the Year contest and arranges for presentation of an appropriate award to the winner.

KATHLEEN GORHAM.  This committee reviews the Desert Palm Legal Professional Assn.'s Bylaws and makes recommendations for appropriate changes to the Board.

Day in Court

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.  The committee shall arrange and conduct the annual Day in Court activities, subject to the approval of the Board.

Education, Training &
CA Certified Legal Secretary

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.  The committee shall devise and recommend means of continuing professional education of members and arrange and conduct educational seminars for DPLPA members and the legal community.


CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.  The committee shall maintain a list of employment opportunities in the Coachella Valley for members of DPLPA and LPI and shall advise members of those available positions.

Day in Court

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.  The committee shall arrange and conduct the annual Day in Court activities, subject to the approval of the Board.

History, Archives &
Chapter Achievement

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.   The committee takes photographs and collects memorabilia of DPLPA activities during the president's term in office and assembles them in a history book for presentation to the President and entry in the LPI History Book Contest.

Law Office Management

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.  The committee shall keep the membership informed of office management procedures and newly-developed office products and equipment.

KATHLEEN GORHAM.   The committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President. The committee shall: (a) promote membership in DPLPA; (b) verify the eligibility of all applicants for membership; (c) present applications for membership to the Board for approval and recommendation to the membership; and (d) inform applicants of their acceptance or rejection.

Nominations & Elections

BRENDA WALLACE.   The Committee Chairperson shall act as chief teller and shall certify the votes to the President.  The Committee shall arrange and conduct the formal installation of the incoming Officers and Directors at the April Membership Meeting.

DONNA SANCHEZ.   The committee selects the location and program for each membership meeting, receives reservations for attendance at the meeting, and ensures meetings are congenial so all members and guests feel welcome.

Social Media


VICTORIA DEAN-WALTERS  The committee secures advertisements for publication in the bulletin and also maintains its newsletter known as the "Full Disclosure". 

LUZ DAVIS. Oversees DPLPA's social media platforms and communications through same platforms (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn).

ERIKA GARDUNO. Maintains the website.

IVETTE DELGADILLO.   This committee promotes interest in the legal profession and conducts an annual scholarship awards program for the Florence Ross Scholarship.

Ways & Means

CHAIRMANSHIP OPEN.   The committee shall conduct projects to raise funds for the benefit of DPLPA, subject to the approval of the membership.

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