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I am honored and thankful to have been elected this year's president by the Desert Palm Legal Professionals Association (DPLPA) members.

In 2011, I met one of the original members of this great association, her name was FLORENCE ROSS.  I was so intrigued by her stories, trials, and tribulations in her legal career and her continued support for the community.  I was so touched by her passion to keep the association going that I made her a promise to do the same.

Like many businesses, DPLPA had it tough through the pandemic and we survived because of volunteers who have their hearts set on this association to thrive. 

This past year, three volunteers ran the association by committee, and I am happy to announce that we have a full board.

I have grown in many ways, and I am fully committed to this association and its members.  My goal is to see other legal professionals grow in their professional capacity, self-empower, grow their network and connect with other legal professionals. 


DPLPA is not just an association, it's a family of Legal Professionals.


Erika Garduno

President, DPLPA 2023-2024

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